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A dynamic duo of hero hurlers from our nation's capitol

     Funniest one ever I think. Perennial doormat Washington Senators 1966 Topps cards. The inimitable Messrs. Howie Koplitz and Frank Kreutzer. Same team so same greenish card. Similar poses (head shots) and both same kind of pitchers (relievers w/some spot starts) w/similar stats. Both two syllable names beg. with "K" and having "Z" in the 2nd! And both so serious and bespectacled. So scholarly and professorial. What are the odds of this? Anyway, from the looks of them they must have went straight from the MLB dugout to the MIT lab. There they could more intently study the vast trajectories of their homeruns allowed. And while we're at it, as far as the less than stellar W-L records and astronomical ERAs deatiled on the backs of the cards....I'd sure as hell like a scientific explanation for that!

Howie Koplitz

Frank Kreutzer