These guys probably didn't strike too much fear in the opposing team but nonetheless they were fairly effective major leaguers.

Ernie Oravetz
Ernie O - Diminutive little tyke. Stood 5 ft 5. With the glasses he looks like someone Freddie Patek could beat up. Looks a lot like my pharmacist at the CVS. I have to ask him if he ever played ball. Or maybe he's the gofer at Cookie & Co.'s accounting firm (see below)

Cookie Rojas
Cookie - He's saying. "Hey great news! I just finished doing your tax returns and got you a big refund!"

George Alusik
George Alusik - Another guy who resembles a CPA more than a ballplayer. He appears somewhat nervous and unsure about the return and is saying, "You know, Cookie... maybe we left a decimal point out of place."

Dave Ricketts
Dave is like, "I don't believe this! Cookie, never mind him. I already told him I triplechecked the darn numbers. He needs to take a chill pill. We're good to go I tell ya."

Rich Rollins
R. Rollins - Yet another number-cruncher, he's saying..."Ahhh. I love the smell of the ballfield grass. No deskbound dweeb I! I should sell Cookie, George, and Dave my share of the practice and do this all the time. They're a bunch of dorks anyway."

Eli Grba
Eli Grba - Who? Eli Grba? What is that? Not only doesn't he look like a ballplayer but he certainly doesn't sound like one. What ever happened to Rip Repulski Duke Carmel and Ray Jablonski? Eli is saying..."Hey if Rich wants out of the firm maybe Cookie, George, and Dave will make me partner. After all, I've proven I make delightful coffee and sharpen pencils most excellently."

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