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Harry Chiti

What's the 'Trouble With Harry'? Harry seems less than impressed with the play of his team out on the field. Either that or he's just a bit miffed that the hot dog vendor is going in a different direction than he thought.

Lou Johnson

Dan Schneider

Ron Willis

Some guys just like to whistle a happy tune-perhaps 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame'-while they're waiting for the photographer to get set up. Either that or they just got a look at the fetching new ballgirl fielding a grounder or they just wanna catch Harry's elusive hotdog vendor before he takes off.

Pat Corrales

Jesse Gonder

Billy Hoeft

Some guys just can't help but look up at the pretty airplanes flying over yonder while the same slowpoke photographer gets himself organized. Either that or there's a pretty fan or usherette up in the box seats or they're keeping an eye on that ever-elusive hotdog vendor well beyond whistling range while pondering...."When the heck is he gonna head down here. I'm starving and the game's gonna start soon!"

Bob Keegan

Now Bob....Honestly, I know your coaches must have told you that you have to release the ball.(He must have gotten the hang of this sometime prior to his '57 no-hitter)

Cal Neeman

Cal seems genuinely puzzled by Bob's antics.

Gino Cimoli

Hey Gino...Stop pulling my leg. Where's the bat you have just swung. If we give him the benefit of the doubt and there really is a bat, then some poor old lady in the stands might've just got bonked or maybe it's a special yellow bat that just happens to blend into Topps' background.

Stu Miller

Stu, in his windup here, is apparently about to throw his imaginary ball towards Gino's imaginary bat.

Gus Zernial

Now things seem to be getting out of hand.