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This beauty pageant consists of a motley group of somewhat nonpulchritudinous (is that a word?) or shall we say pulchritudinally challenged fellows.

Otis Nixon

Otis N. - Police mugshot when he got in trouble recently for scuffling with his handler or bodyguard. He's gotten even more frightening since he stopped playing. At first glance, looks almost like a gremlin or ET or something. Yikes

Willie McGee
Willie M. - Easy-going Funny-looking kinda dude. Here he looks sorta dazed or high as usual in a minor league shot. He always seemed like he was about to fall asleep on us but sure could play. MVP '85! N.L.

Darell Evans
And you thought Jorge Cantu (Tampa Bay) or Ezequiel Astacio (Houston 'stros) was the ultimate pizzaface. Eeeeeks! Where is the good old action photo when you need one? Far away shot preferably. No need for a zoom lens thank you very much.

Leon McFadden

Leon Mc - Like they lined him up against a brick wall and took a police mug shot after poor misguided ghetto youth Leon robbed the local drugstore. Especially the rookie one where he doesn't even have a cap. At least in the one the next year when he's by himself he has at least a miscellaneous chapeau on so he just might be a ballplayer. You figure they would have learned their lesson the year before with the crummy rookie card and done a better job the next year! He looks guilty by the way. I say he did it. Whatever it is.