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Maybe these bruisers aren't exactly homely, but they sure ain't no pretty boys either.

Bill Skowron

"Moose" Skowron - That was his nickname and I swear he looks EXACTLY like the character Moose from Farewell My Lovely w/Robert Mitchum. The big palooka was played by Jack O'Halloran who also was a crewmember in King
Kong ('76) and Zod's henchman in Superman 2.

Hank Bauer

Hank B - Another rough and tough Yankee. Geez, the mug and the schnozz on this guy. He looks so ready and willing to kick ass. The Yanks beat the Sox soundly all thru the 50's with guys like this. Why am I not surprised he won a WS ring as manager of the Orioles later.

Lew Burdette

Lew B - Like the other guys in this set, not so much ugly but just really rough and irascible looking. Like one of the guys in a western that John Wayne would beat up in the inevitable saloon melee scene. Maybe a lotta big lugs just wanted that Johnny Unitas crewcut/jarhead Marine look or something back then.

Hal Woodeshick

Hal W - Pretty grim. Intense-looking guy. Reminds me of the Lew Burdette card (see above). I would vote him and Lou as the two most likely to throw a beanball at my head at any time w/o warning.

Rocky Bridges

Rocky B - Straight out of Central Casting it's...Popeye! I figured I'd have Nellie Fox or Don Zimmer for the quintessential little scrappy fire plug middle infielder with the huge wad of chewing tobacco but then I remembered this tough as nails character. I mean, his name is even Rocky too for Pete's sake. What more can you ask for?

Johnny Unitas
Johhny U - If there was ever a true blood and guts looking card this is it. Just great. I mean does he look like a football player or what?

Fred Shero
Fred S. - Very easy to mix this hockey card up with your Dick Tracy cards under P for Pruneface. I mean what kind of hockey card is this anyway? The guy's wearing a friggin suit! Looks like a mafioso. He kinda was one actually though, sending henchmen like Schultz and Watson out on the ice to protect Clarke and kill everyone else.