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From the fertile mind, or some might say barren wasteland, of the MisakMan, your dependable source for goofiness, comes these fine furry fellows, perhaps spawned from a common ancestor, making their pronounced fashion statement.

Joe Torre

Joe of course not only starred with the Braves but after being traded to the Cards for Orlando Cepeda after the '68 season, won the MVP for STL in '71. He might make the Hall of Fame now w/his Yankee managerial record.

Andy Etchebarren

Andy was the other catcher besides Elrod on all those big bad Orioles teams and won W.S. rings in '66 and '70 and was in 2 other W.S. ('69 and '71)

Frank Lucchesi

Frank L - When he later managed the Cubs, hewas the guy Lenny Randle punched out in that famous scuffle.

Norm Miller

Norm Miller certainly lived a charmed life, somehow miraculously hanging on as a mediocre reserve outfielder for the better part of a decade with the 'Stros. Guys like this usually moved around a lot but not our Norm. Different theories have been advanced over the years speculating about his curious longetivity with the Houston franchise. Perhaps he had dirty pictures a higher-up in the front office heirarchy. Maybe he wielded unknown occultic powers and they were afraid he would put the whammy on them. What if his dad or uncle or someone built the Astrodome and gave them a great deal on like... steel beams (a buck less a pound!) long as Normy could be on the roster for X number of years. But then he could have been an heir to the Miller beer fortune and the 'Stros had free brewskis after the game as long as he was around. Yeah That's It.

Danny Frisella

Danny F died tragically in a dune buggy accident in the off-season after
'76. He won a W.S. ring on that Amazing Mets of '69 team.

Wally Moon

And then we have bold UnaBrower, the very serious Wally Moon who any baseball triviot/list nut will tell you won the N.L. Rookie Of The Year Award in '54 with the Cardinals. A three time all star, he won a few World Series Champion rings with the Dodgers too. Perhaps on these occasions he did lighten up a bit and crack a smile or maybe a smirk but I dunno.