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Yikes! From the Not to Be Confused With Brad Pitt Department comes this rogues' gallery.

Dan Napoleon
Dan Nap - Wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't looking right at me. As far as ugly cards, Napoleon is Topps'  Waterloo.

Don Mossi
Don M - Oh my goodness! The face. The ears. It took me a while to place him but I think he just might be this mysterious and intriguing janitorial assistant I
remember from way back. Yes, that's it! Looks like the guy they summoned up from deep in the bowels of the basement at elementary school to clean up the mess when some kid puked in class. You hardly ever saw the guy otherwise, almost as if the chief custodian who was routinely visible emptying the wastebuckets only unleashed him for the dirtiest and unholiest of tasks.

Rowland Office
R. Office - This particular mutation has the distinction of also being on the All-Real Estate team (see Misakman's All-Time Funny "Themed" Baseball Teams Section) with Rolando Roomes, Tom House, Jose Mesa, Chan Ho Park etc.

Yogi Berra

Yogi always looked more like my mom's plumber or perhaps an underworld denizen to me than a ballplayer. I might summon Abe Vigoda to play him in a biopic. Anyhow, judging from his expression, he must have had some bad gas the day of this photo shoot.

Ted Abernathy

Ted A - Maybe not truly ugly but more funny than anything else. Since Don M has the job at the school, this fellow is probably at the morgue. A bit too dim-witted to be the undertaker, he's one of the guys pulling those big drawers with bodies in them.