Letter L

Click on any song title and you will be instantly connected to a cool 30 second clip of that song from either Amazon, Barnes and Noble, FYE, SoundCloud or Misakman's private vault. The Barnes and Noble clips and the ones from my vault should just play immediately. With the Amazon clips, once the page comes up simply click the 'play' button/arrow to the left of the song title.With the FYE clips you get brought to a page with the whole album on it and not just the particular song so you have to scroll down to where all the songs of the album are listed and click on that particular song I chose. SoundCloud is much like Amazon and you just click the 'play' button/arrow to the left of the song. Usually you don't have to scroll down past other songs with similar titles and/or artist names to get to it and the song I chose just appears right on top. Trust me, it's all a cinch and you'll have hours of fun.

The order of songs under the artist name doesn't indicate any particular ranking but just the order in which I mix them when listening to them all together. Feel free to play 'em in any order you like!


(Patti) LaBelle (3)

Lady Marmalade
Oh, People
If You Asked Me To

Lakeside (2)

Fantastic Voyage

Latimore (1)

Let's Straighten It Out

Led Zeppelin (9) (See also Robert Plant)

The Rain Song
Rock And Roll
In The Evening
Trampled Underfoot
I Can't Quit You Baby
Walter's Walk
Bonzo's Montreux

Jerry Lee Lewis (2)

Great Balls Of Fire
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

Lightning Hopkins (1)

Mojo Hand

Lipps, Inc. (1)


Little Dippers (1)


Little Milton (1)

Grits Ain't Groceries (Hon. mention:Little Willie John orig. titled All Around The World & see Edw. Starr)

Little Richard (9)

She's Got It (First 8 are from Lost Nite 45RPM versions not the Specialty label)
Rip It Up
Good Golly Miss Molly
Long Tall Sally
Tutti Frutti
The Girl Can't Help It
Keep A-Knockin'
Great Gosh A'Mighty

Little Willie John (1)

Fever (Honorable mention:Peggy (not Brenda!) Lee also Neville Brothers- live)

Lonestar (1) (See also 21st century list)


Los Del Rio (1)


Love & Rockets (1)

So Alive

Lynyrd Skynyrd (1)

Free Bird (live)

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