Letter D

Click on any song title and you will be instantly connected to a cool 30 second clip of that song from either Amazon, Barnes and Noble, FYE, SoundCloud or Misakman's private vault. The Barnes and Noble clips and the ones from my vault should just play immediately. With the Amazon clips, once the page comes up simply click the 'play' button/arrow to the left of the song title.With the FYE clips you get brought to a page with the whole album on it and not just the particular song so you have to scroll down to where all the songs of the album are listed and click on that particular song I chose. SoundCloud is much like Amazon and you just click the 'play' button/arrow to the left of the song. Usually you don't have to scroll down past other songs with similar titles and/or artist names to get to it and the song I chose just appears right on top. Trust me, it's all a cinch and you'll have hours of fun.

The order of songs under the artist name doesn't indicate any particular ranking but just the order in which I mix them when listening to them all together. Feel free to play 'em in any order you like!

Note also: [ indicates the songs link to same album at a particular webpage. So as a timesaver, if you wish to hear all song clips connected by the [ you can do it on your first link rather than clicking back and forth from Misakman to that exact same webpage on each song.

Dick Dale &His Deltones (1)

Misirlou (Honorable mention: Johnny &The Hurricanes)

Roger Daltrey (1) (See also The Who)

Free Me

Charlie Daniels Band (2)

The Devil Went Down To Georgia
Uneasy Rider

Danny &The Juniors (2)

At The Hop
Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay

Terence Trent D'arby (1)

Dance Little Sister

Bobby Darin (1)

Beyond The Sea

Das EFX (1)

They Want EFX

Sammy Davis Jr. (1)

The Candy Man

Spencer Davis Group (1)

I'm A Man

Tyrone Davis (3)

Can I Change My Mind
In The Mood
Let's Be Closer Together

Jimmy Dean (1)

Big Bad John

Deep Purple (2)

Burn (live)
You Fool No One (live)

Delfonics (2)

Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time
La La Means I Love You

The Dells (4)

Oh What A Night
Nadine (Note: Different song than Chuck Berry one)
There Is
I Can Sing A Rainbow/Love Is Blue

John Denver (2)

Take Me Home, Country Roads
Thank God I'm A Country Boy

Rick Derringer (1)

Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo

Barry De Vorzon (1)

Theme From The Warriors

Neil Diamond (3)

September Morn

Diamonds (1)

Little Darlin'

Manu Dibango (1)

Soul Makossa

Bo Diddley (1)

Say Man

Celine Dion (2)

The Power Of Love
Love Can Move Mountains

Disco Tex &The Sex-O-Lettes (1)

Get Dancin'

DJ Jazzy Jeff &The Fresh Prince (1)

Boom! Shake The Room

Doobie Brothers (1)

Takin' It To The Streets

The Doors (3)

Break On Through
People Are Strange
Riders On The Storm

Lee Dorsey (3)

Ride Your Pony
Soul Mine
Freedom For The Stallion

Carl Douglas (1)

Kung Fu Fighting

Gene Dozier &The Brotherhood (1)

Funky Broadway (instrumental)

Dramatics (4)

[Get Up And Get Down
(Gimme Some) Good Soul Music
Watcha See Is Watcha Get
In The Rain

Dr. John (1)

Right Place Wrong Time

Candy Dulfer(1)

Lily Was Here

Duran Duran (1)

White Lines (Honorable mention: Grandmaster Flash &The Furious Five - orig. version)

Dyke &The Blazers (3)

Uhh! (pt. 2)
Let A Woman Be A Woman, Let A Man Be A Man
You Are My Sunshine

Bob Dylan (1)

Knockin' On Heaven's Door

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