Hi folks! Here's where I could really use your help! The following alphabetical list includes every movie I've seen since I started focusing on movies Nov. '05. So...what favorite of yours is not there? Enlighten me! Let me know via the email links provided and I'll make sure I check it out ASAP!

 I think it's a pretty good mix of flicks. As you'll notice, I tend to focus on the classics and the top screen legends of old. I didn't bother making a Misakman's Top Movies of All-Time list since I loved practically every movie I've seen. I mean there are only a handful of movies in the whole bunch that I wouldn't give three, four, or five stars out of five!

 I did feel South Pacific, Donovan's Reef, Please Don't Eat The Daisies, Tony Rome, Pal Joey, and maybe a few others were too dated. I guess I found them a bit too offensive to other races and/or women. They were still good movies, but I did find them somewhat on the annoying side in places. For the most part though, I seem to like everything. I generally bypass syrupy dramas (so-called 'chick-flicks') in favor of Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi, Western, Comedy etc., but I always like to see the big stars in whatever they appear in.

 So why am I enlisting your help? Well, the movie guide I consult, Martin and Porter's DVD & Video Guide, rates >20,000 films! It just seems like such a daunting wide open field. I've gotten kind of a late start movie-wise. I had been focusing for many years on non-fiction books and music. Since I got into the whole movie thing I've just been picking stuff at random from the many genres and have no particular agenda. Anyway, I'll assume you wouldn't steer me wrong. If you say a movie is worth checking out, then I'll check it out! Just check if your choice is already on my alphabetical list and if it isn't, email me immediately with your must-see! Tell me why you liked your movie so much too.

 So be a pal! All I can do is thank you since I'm not paying you a dime and have no free stuff to send you. You probably have plenty of dough and enough T-shirts anyway. But you'll have gained a new friend and isn't that nice in this cold, cold world? And you of course will feel the immeasurable satisfaction in having expanded your fellow man's cultural literacy.

 If I happen to run into you at the cinema (perhaps catching the movie you suggested!) I do promise to pour you a nice helping of yummy Raisinets from my big yellow box!

4200+ movies! -- In Alphabetical Order (by movie title):

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Don't see one of your favortite flicks. Email him ASAP at themisakman@yahoo.com and tell him what movie to check out next!