Here are pairs that could cause a little boy baseball card collector much consternation and dismay. When this anonymous child (I won't say who) sorted his heroes by team in alphabetical order—hitters first then pitchers next—there were sometimes these anomalies where two guys from the same team were similar enough that the said child just MIGHT commit the unpardonable sin of inversion i.e. having his deck out of alphabetical order. Yes, if he wasn't careful the wrong guy could appear before the other guy. Usually the tandem were of the same race-black, white, latin etc. They would have similar names and maybe have the same 1st letter on their last names. Often they looked alike and/or Topps would use similar shots on the card. Often they were similar type players with similar stats. This will make it Oh so clearer...

Paul Blair/Don Buford...Orioles. Very key components of their late 60's early 70's dominance.

Jim Fairey/Ron Fairly...Expos. Of course no more Montreal Expos now that they moved and became the Washington Nationals. I still call 'em the Expos out of habit.

Al Bumbry/Rich Coggins...Orioles (Both .300+ batting avg. as rookies in '73) Bumbry got the Rook of the Year Award though.

Dan Driessen/Ken Griffey...Key parts of Big Red Machinery.

Sandy Valdespino/Zoilo Versalles...Twins Mid- 60's. Zoilo was an MVP! Look it up!

Paul Molitor/Don Money...Brewers standouts.

Gates Brown/Ike Brown...Tigers. Both big dudes and bad bad like Leroy Brown

Gary Matthews/Gary Maddox...Giants. Same thing almost as Bumbry/Coggins w/'73 season (same yr!) w/ .300+ Avg. Matthews got Rook of the Year Award. Maddox was around the yr before though and wasn't a rookie.

Rich Reese/Rick Renick/Rich Rollins...All Twins hitters. One yr '68 they all had cards w/the Twins simultaneously-a triple threat- but seemed like every yr you had at least two of them.

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