In 1971 Topps introduced action shots into their regular player cards. The only time you ever saw them beforehand was on other cards in the set such as World Series highlights cards e.g. Now this really spiced things up and made things pretty exciting for youngsters like me. They must have really made an impression since when I compiled my gallery most of the cards showcased here came from the top of my head. I just went through the old sets simply to round out the list! Anyway, these are my all-time favorites. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Incidentally, the 1980 cards are included here since they merely came out in 1980 but have as the latest stats the year 1979. There are no cards from 1970 since there were no action-shot cards that year except for the World Series cards and the stats on the back were from 1969 anyway.

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