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Known as an intensely private individual, the Misakman is uncharacteristically candid in this moving piece. As he bares his soul, he provides his legions of clamoring website devotees a glimpse into his curiously multifaceted psyche. His poignant reminiscences and anecdotes thoughtfully weave a delicate tapestry of a life well-lived though yet unfinished. He provides insights into not only what has shaped him but what has propelled him. Having emerged from his cocoon, our heretofore Salingeresque recluse has crafted a stirring epic, yea a stunning catharsis. This wildly anticipated lifting of the veil serves to unlock deep mysteries, unearth hidden truths, and demystify stubborn legends. With his trademark deep probity and caustic wit, the MisakMan serves succulent shrimp, mouth-watering clams, and many other culinary delights. Er...I think I just mixed up my BookSleeveSpeak with my RestaurantMenuSpeak. Oops. I just now confused hyperbole-laced genres with one another.

I knew I was taking on too much freelance proofreading (simply as a favor!) for my friends in other fields. They email me stuff (They beg , 'Please Please Misakman. I did spellcheck but just give it a quick edit before I send it to the copy shop' etc.). I can't say no and now it has caught up with me. Actually, this pseudo-bio that follows should amount to being the corniest bit of tripe you've ever read. I wouldn't want waste any of the jokes from my All-Time list here now would I? So what you get are fetid leftovers. A few of the cracks here are my own but which ones? Well, whichever ones elicited a chuckle. Those are mine. And as for the balance, the lousy groaners not penned by me...well then they're not REALLY my fault are they now, Mr. Picky-Cynical-That Wasn't Funny-Jaundiced-Jaded- Then Why Did He Include Them-Overly Analytical- Poo-Poo Head !?!

The Official Authorized MisakMan Bio!